Post Float Thoughts

Yesterday I went to Float House In Vancouver and experienced my first ever float in a sensory deprivation tank.


For those of you who don’t know, floating is a practice where you enter a float tank (or a sensory deprivation tank) which is filled with water and a ton of Epsom salts which make you incredibly buoyant. The super salty water allows you to float effortlessly and you can completely relax and trust the water to hold you up. The water and the air in the tank are both at skin temperature so after a little while of floating you start to lose track of where the water starts and ends and you can feel sort of like you are just floating through space. It’s a pretty cool sensation.

Float tanks are often used as a tool for meditation since they help you easily relax and achieve theta brain waves. The Theta state is a state of very deep relaxation; the same state that the brain is in during REM sleep.


After 90 minutes of floating I felt amazing.

As I started to “wake up” inside the tank I began to feel overwhelmed with how great is is to be alive. After being deprived of my senses for 90 minutes I felt like every experience was heightened. The music that they use to que the end of my float sounded incredible. As I began to move my body again after 90 minutes of stillness the water moving around me felt like extacy. I emerged from the tank and the dimly lite lights in the room where beautiful. I showered off the Epsom salts and the falling water looked like glitter. It was better than being high.

“It’s just so great to be a human.”, I thought.

“What a tremendous privilege to feel human feelings.

I have to go pee and I’m hungry and it’s amazing.

I can feel those things because I have an alive human body to live in!

YES for feeling human feelings!

Let’s enjoy everything!

Let’s listen to more classical music. And soul music.

Let’s drink wine more often and chew our food better.

Let’s dance like idiots.

Let’s fully fully fully enjoy everything!!!”

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