Inspiration from Food Blogs & Cookbooks

I love being inspired by food. I love trying new healthy meals and trying to figure out how they did it. I love perusing food blogs and being inspired by unique concoctions.

There are a few food blogs that really inspire me and I keep going back to them because they've always got something new and awesome posted that gets me excited. Here's a list of some of my favourites.

I haven't been paid by any of these bloggers to promote them, I just genuinely think they are awesome and hope to add some value to your life by sharing them!

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night

1. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows

This is perhaps my number one go-to blog when I want some vegan recipe inspiration. This awesome blog, witten by a chick named Angela, is great because not only is it all vegan recipes, but the recipes are often free of other common allergens like gluten, soy and refined sugar.

I got Angela's Oh She Glows recipe book for Christmas this year too which I'd also highly recommend since its got some awesome stuff in it that she doesn't have online.

2. Thug Kitchen

thug kitchen

These guys give a fuck about eating real food! When they get in trouble for using profanity they justify it by saying, "But this is the way we actually talk when we're cooking!".
Brilliant. I love it when people are real.

After they've gotten your attention with their shocking language they'll keep you hooked with their seriously delicious vegan recipes. Next time you want to put something seriously delicious into your mouth try their cauliflower tacos from their Thug Kitchen cookbook. I still have dreams about that meal.

3. Deliciously Ella


Yet another amazing vegan blog.
Ella is also one of my favourites to follow on instagram (@deliciouslyella) for her gorgeous food photography and generally inspiring healthy living posts. Definite girl crush on this one.

4. Bulletproof


I've raved a lot about bulletproof coffee on my blog and on social media and this is where it all started. Dave Aspery's Blog, Bulletproof, is all about living in a state of high preformance by fueling you body with everything it needs to function at its best. Dave also has a popular podcast called Bulletproof Radio that you can check out here.

5. Kori Leigh, Cultivate Wellness

Instagram: @korileigh


Kori is an amazing human who is largely responsible for getting me re-excited about eating real food. I got to spend a weekend at her cabin last year on one of her retreats and my excitement for holistic eating was rekindled. I was super spoiled by her amazing food and my body definitely had high expectations and craved nutrient dense, whole foods after that weekend.

She also was the first person to introduce me to bulletproof coffee (which inspired me to do some more research, which led to finding Dave's blog) and the first person to teach me about adaptogens. Adaptogens are neat-o.

Her blog is unique to the other ones I've listed here since many of her recipe posts are amazing health elixers and (probably magical) potions. They contain a lot of really interesting and amazing ingredients that help to support the body in fascinating ways.

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